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Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives. But not all challenges are created equal. Some challenges make us feel alive, engaged, connected, and fulfilled. Others simply overwhelm us. Knowing the difference as you set bigger and bolder challenges for yourself is critical to your sanity, success, and satisfaction. - Brendon Burchard


Will is an absolute beast of a student. Although he grew up an orphan and from a low-income home, he has a gift for learning. He has an intellectual super power, but he hides it.

Will spends time with his neighborhood friends. These friends have no vision for their life and have very little intellectual capacity. He has fun with them but they do not challenge him in any way.

One day while Will is at work (as a janitor), he discovers an intricate math problem written on a chalkboard. The problem was deemed unsolvable.

You know the story right ... Will (Matt Damon) in the film Goodwill Hunting solves the problem with minimal effort. Everyone is perplexed and thus begins a new adventure for Will.

While the professor takes him under his wing, the real challenge for Will is not learning, but loving. He doesn't know how to solve this equation of love because as an orphan, he has never seen the solution.

He has read about the solution for love, but has never actually loved himself.

What about you, what is the real challenge for you right now?

Think about how you relate to Will? Think about the areas where you are good, so you just keep doing those. They are comfortable.

I was on the phone the other day with a client and they were sharing some tough moments they were going through. After they had shared for quite some time, I simply asked, "are you responding that way because of ego?"

They were taken aback, but the simply replied, "yes, I think it is an ego response."

Sometimes we need to be challenged in many of the ways we are living out life. Many times it starts with the types of thoughts we are thinking.

Let's talk about ANT's for a second. ANT's can be defined as "Automatic - Negative - Thoughts."

One of the first things you need to challenge is every negative thought entering your mind. Let me show you what that looks like. Because once you understand the framework, your life will transform.

The next time a negative thought/fear comes to blow up your mind, put the thought/fear through these questions.

  • How much money would you bet on it. What's the chances it would happen?

  • Put a lid on it. What's the worst that could happen?

  • Think about what a friend or mentor would tell you? Weigh the evidence. Am I right to think that?

  • Play the history game. In 5 years how important will this matter?

  • What is the negative thought worth? How much of your time is worth spending on it? Value your time.

We're not done here, so keep reading.

I want to give you even more ways to challenge these thoughts/fears so you can become the champion you were created to be.

Sometimes you hold onto negative beliefs. Think about a negative belief that you hold onto?

Here's an example from a client of mine. He is a successful musician and while we were talking he shared how he didn't feel good enough.

I asked him, "where is this belief coming from?"

He replied, "I think it's from when I was a kid. My dad talked down to me and never made me feel like I was any good."

Nearly 40 years later, and this man still doesn't feel like he is any good. He was holding onto a negative belief given to him by his father. I'm going to give you the exact same questions that you can ask yourself.

After we went through these questions together, he was inspired, motivated and energized to get back out there and show the world his incredible gifts.

Below are the questions to reflect upon if you are holding onto a negative belief. It's time to challenge that belief. Your life can absolutely transform just like it did for my client.

  • Why do you hold onto it?

  • Negative impact of holding onto the belief.

  • Feelings when you think of the belief?

  • Evidence that supports or negates the belief?

  • Reasonable positive alternatives.

These challenges are built for you to become a champion. The greatest champions and coaches, challenge others. We actually crave to be challenged. When we are not challenged, we slip into comfort.

And comfort is the enemy to progress. Comfort will keep you frustrated and fearful for as long as it can. Comfort makes you feel good but it's the wrong kind of good.

My challenge to you is to seek discomfort. Seek to be challenged in the area of your mind, body, soul and spirit.

You know it's what you need to do. I'm only confirming it to you.

Do the work because hard work works. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

I'm rooting for you.

❤️ - Anthony

If you're ready to destroy fear and frustration so you can have clarity and significance, hit me up. Time to get serious with your life. Book a call

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