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The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi / Day 3

where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

Nick Vujcic was born without any limbs. That’s right, no arms or no legs.

When you see him today, he is a superstar communicator. He travels the world speaking and inspiring people of all ages. When you see him and meet him, you love him. He is a piece of heaven on Earth.

However, it wasn’t all perfect for Nick. As a kid, he was blatantly bullied. Imagine a child with no limbs making friends. Put yourself in Nick’s shoes as a child.

Nick was bullied to the point of complete depression.

It was so bad at the age of 10, he attempted suicide. He planned to drown himself in 6 inches of water.

Nick no longer wanted to be bullied. He no longer wanted to be a burden to his parents. As he attempted to drown himself, an image and thought came into his mind.

The image was of his parents and brother visiting him at his grave.

Nick was interrupted by the thought that the only thing worse for his parents to endure besides a child with no limbs was a child with no limbs “who gave up.”

At that life-altering moment, Nick was reminded of his parents’ love for him.

Nick heard the reminders from his parents, “Nick, you are perfect the way you are. Nick, you are beautiful the way you are. Nick, you are special. Nick, you are loved.”

It was this hope that brought Nick out of his dark depression.

It was these words of love that brought light into his life. Ultimately, the consistent love from his parents and his faith in God brought a new rush of joy into his life.

I cannot stress enough to get your heart and mind into Nick Vujcic’s story. Read his devotional on Youversion. It’s incredible. He is truly a gift from heaven to all of us.

When I read the line of St. Francis’ prayer, where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy, I cannot stop thinking about the love of God exploding out of Nick’s parents for him.

The love Nick’s parents consistently gave to Nick was hope, light, and love. The power of their love was truly transformational. It was miraculous.

Today, we see Nick speaking at the largest venues around the world. Nick’s story of hope inspires thousands around the world and brings him before some of the most influential men and women.

The hope, light, and love sowed into his life from his parents have been an incredible harvest for many.

What about your life?

Think about what you are sowing into others today.

Is there hope you need to sow into someone today?

Is there a light you need to share with someone today?

Is there joy you need to share with someone today?

What is the Spirit saying to you today? Where is He drawing you to?

Maybe you were like Nick and received hope, light, or joy from someone saving your life. I wonder if you remember how powerful it was.

I wonder if it’s time for you to do the same for others.

I want to challenge you to sow hope amidst despair, light in the darkness, and joy where there is sadness.

You are here for a reason and purpose. Even reading this at this time is aligned for you. You matter. You are loved. You are special.

Let me know what resonated with you the most.

Rooting and praying with you.

God Bless

Coach Anthony Thompson

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