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The Bathroom Stall Epiphany: How Embracing Vulnerability Can Transform Your Life

Are you familiar with the Toilet Paradox?


Of course, you aren’t, I just made it up.

There is IP everywhere

I’ll admit, this was an awkward photo to take in the men's room. I had to patiently wait for everyone to exit before snapping this beauty.

I noticed something and wanted to share it with you.

The frosted glass door on the bathroom stall wasn't opaque enough. If you sat on the toilet your bare butt could literally be seen by everyone in the room!

Not a great user experience and it made me think of many of my clients who are trying to hide an aspect of themselves.

Michael Neill uses a lovely metaphor to explain this challenge… We are born as a beautiful, perfect diamond. But as we start to buy into the limiting beliefs of our family, society, the media, etc. our perfection gets covered in layers of crap. We spend the rest of our lives applying nail polish to cover the crap, attempting to hide it from the world, when our real job is simply to remove the crap.

That's where a powerful coach and advisor comes in, to help their clients uncover their diamond within.

Most people are hiding in plain sight, quietly hoping you don't see who they really are. They've learned to hide, to numb out, or to pretend to be somebody else.

The Toilet Paradox says that no matter how much you try to hide your tears, your fears, your insecurities, or yourself... We see you!

The Toilet Paradox says you're not as full of crap as you imagine.

That part of you that you think you're hiding.

We see you.

Those fears you think we can't see.

We see you.

Those emotions you think we can't feel.

We see you.

Your need for acceptance and approval is making you play small.

One of the greatest regrets in life is hiding who you really are, rather than being yourself.

The Toilet Paradox states that to live the life you really want, you have to risk being seen in all of your glory!

Rooting for you! Coach Anthony Thompson

**If you are serious about getting through this season, and you want to talk about what that could look like, let me know. I have a few openings for new clients who want to invest in their greatness.

***For business owners needing help, let me know. I’d love to learn more about what you are working on, and your goals. This could look more like an advisor for you to increase revenue, time, influence and peace.

Plus, whenever you are ready - here are 5 more ways you can drastically improve your mindset, increase your revenue as a high performer and look good doing it.

  1. My latest devotional, Think and Grow Wise on Youversion

  2. 1-1 Coaching with me. (Think partnership, trusted advisor)

  3. Coaching devotionals

  4. Grow Podcast

  5. Grab a hoodie or beanie

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