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Renovating Your Mind: High-Level Leaders Embrace Transformation for Lasting Success

“I absolutely love this kitchen, it looks gorgeous. Oh my God! I love the Wolf range, the white marble benches, and all of the light. This looks and feels incredible.”

This is what I hear all day in my brain after binging a season of Property Brothers on HGTV. Or really any of the home renovation shows.

I love watching the transformation in real-time. What starts off as a disgusting, 90’s ridden, carpet infestation, turns magically into the home of someone’s dreams.

I absolutely love it, and so I began to dive into what a home renovation project could look like for me in Arizona.

As I began to research, I discovered the average home renovation in Arizona was $65,000. Obviously, it depends on so many factors, but this number really stuck out to me.

A client of mine recently told me about his $2 million dollar renovation, so trust me, these numbers can get insane.

As I gazed and watched the Property Brothers work their magic on these homes, Romans 12:2 sneakily entered my mind.

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Another translation for “renewing” is the word “renovate”, which really hits home for me.

Ok, let’s put this all into perspective. I’d love to play around and put some questions your way to reflect upon.

We know the costs of renovating our homes, kitchens, and bathrooms, but what do you think when you consider the cost of renovating your mind?

The price of your mind is priceless. There is no limit to the human mind and what it can do.

Before I get into the questions, allow me to share one of the main reasons why people do not renovate their mind.

They don’t know what they want to build or create.

You see, in the Property Brothers show they deliver a rendering of what the home and space will look like after the remodel.

When they show the rendering, everyone gets excited.

The same rings true for you and your life.

And this is where I come in to develop a design for clients and businesses.

Here are a few things you can do on your own in your own time to get started.

What would it look like for you to actually renovate your mind?

What would it cost you to renovate your mind?

What do you want your mind to feel like, and hear?

What do you want your mind to say to you?

What do you want to get rid of in your mind?

What are you willing to invest for this to happen?

When will you begin?

What is it costing you to continue to live in an old, outdated mind?

As you reflect on these questions, remember the powerful scripture in Mark 9 that says, “anything is possible to those who believe.”

The road of a million miles begins with one step. It starts with you.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Wayne Dwyer, “when you see it, you will believe it.”

Start seeing it.

Rooting for you and praying with you.

God bless.

Anthony Thompson

**If you are serious about getting through this season, and you want to talk about what that could look like, let me know. I have one or two openings for new clients who want to invest in their greatness.

***For business owners needing help, let me know. I’d love to learn more about what you are working on and your goals. This could look more like an advisor for you to increase revenue, time, influence, and peace.

Plus, whenever you are ready - here are 5 more ways you can grow in spirit, soul, mind, and body.

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  2. 1-1 Coaching with me. (Think partnership, trusted advisor)

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