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Beyond the Resurrection: Embracing the Daily Cross in Leadership and Life

Easter is Over: What's Next for Faith-Driven Leaders?

As the last echoes of "Hallelujah" fade and the vibrant hues of Easter lilies dim, many of us find ourselves pondering a critical question: Now that Easter has concluded, with its profound journey from the cross to the tomb and onto resurrection, what comes next?

In my recent weekly newsletter, I urged our community not to let Easter devolve into a pastel-filled, Hallmark Easter bunny movie. It's easy to fall into the comfortable, secular celebrations—what I like to call "Pastel Peeps"—but as believers, especially those of us in leadership, we're called to a life that more closely resembles the film, "The Passion," than a feel-good, seasonal special.

From the Screen to Our Lives: Moving Beyond 'Pastel Peeps'

Consider the dramatic and transformative implications of the resurrection, not just as a miraculous event in history, but as a daily call to action. The story of Jesus from the cross to the resurrection is not just to be celebrated, but to be lived out.

When Turbulence Strikes: A Real-Life Call to Faith Amid Crisis

Let me share a vivid illustration. Imagine an airplane suddenly catching fire. Amid the chaos, a man, who had not been living for the Lord, faces a stark realization of mortality and faith. It's in moments of life-threatening crisis that the theoretical aspects of faith become a tangible lifeline. This emergency landing not only saved his physical life but also rekindled his spiritual fervor. How often do we wait for a crisis to reconsider the depth of our faith?

Deny, Take Up, Follow: The Uncompromising Call of Luke 9:23

"And he said to all, 'If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.'" This scripture from Luke isn't merely poetic; it's a directive. It asks us to consider daily: what am I doing to follow Christ genuinely and completely?

Living the Scripture: How Matthew 10 and Luke 14 Challenge Us Today

These verses are not relics of the past but are living words that challenge us to examine our daily walk with Christ. Are we, as leaders and entrepreneurs, taking up our cross daily? Are we just admirers of Christ, or are we true followers, ready to lay down our ambitions, our plans, and perhaps even our businesses for His cause?

Galatians 2:20 and Hebrews 12:2: Living Through Christ in the Modern World

"I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." This profound declaration from Galatians 2:20 reminds us that our lives, especially in realms of influence and power, should manifest the life of Jesus. In the pressures and temptations of modern business environments, how are we reflecting Christ in our decisions and interactions?

AW Tozer's Challenge: Surrendering Tomorrow for Today's Cross

AW Tozer poignantly remarked on the surrender required to truly follow Jesus. When you take up your cross, you surrender your future—your plans, ambitions, and dreams—to God's will. This surrender is not a loss but a transformation into a life aligned with divine purposes, which can often mean leading in ways that defy worldly wisdom.

Taking Spiritual Risks: Moving Beyond Comfort into the Realm of Faith

Taking up your cross means stepping beyond the safe and known into the perilous unknown. It's about embracing risks, not just in business but in faith. Are you prepared to venture into spiritual depths, where the outcomes aren't guaranteed, but the growth is immeasurable?

Are You Crisscrossing Your Old Trails? It's Time for a New Path

As leaders, we sometimes find ourselves walking familiar paths, repeating the same routines and expecting different results. This post-Easter season, I challenge you to break the cycle. Don't just follow footprints that lead back to where you started—create a new trail that leads closer to Christ.

Conclusion: A Call to Transformative Leadership

The journey from the cross to the resurrection is not just a narrative to be celebrated once a year; it's a daily invitation to live a life of purpose, impact, and spiritual depth. As you move forward in your leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors, remember that the greatest leader, Jesus, chose the path of the cross. What path will you choose?

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