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Jeff Bezos was obsessed and founded Amazon.

Amazon’s biggest competitor was Barnes & Noble. They were rigid, so Amazon became nimble. Amazon went on to become customer-obsessed. That obsession launched them into retail domination.

Steve Jobs was obsessed with products. He didn't just want a new product, he wanted the best. He wanted intuitive products.

He was obsessed with creating products consumers did not know they needed. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad were bi-products of the obsessive nature of Steve Jobs. He took his assignment seriously.

Bill Gates' curiosity led him into the world of computers. This curiosity about computers turned into an obsession. His obsession turned into starting a software company. That company is Microsoft and has reached millions around the world.

His curiosity led him to his obsession which gave him the passion he needed to expand his assignment.

What about you?

Do you recall anything that you have become obsessed about?

Was there anything as a child that comes to memory?

What about college? Anything in college you obsessed over?

Is there anything that was an obsession that fizzled out?

When you become clear about your assignment, everything else becomes a distraction.

When I began to coach people and see the transformation in their lives, I became obsessed. Nothing else mattered. I consumed every book and course I could get my hands on.

I sought out mentors and advisors for wisdom. I structured my day around my obsession. Anything that was not directly linked to my assignment was killed.

If your obsession has burned out, was there anything distracting you? If there was, identify it, kill it and resume.

Again, anything that comes in the way of your obsession and your assignment must be destroyed.

The enemy wants to steal, kill and distract, I mean destroy. You know this. I know this, so plan accordingly. Distractions will kill you.

When you discover your obsession and your assignment, pour your time and energy into it. Read the books, invest in the courses, and seek out those already doing what you want to do.

That is called wisdom. Wisdom is calling out to you. Respond to wisdom by increasing your learning. Do the thing you don't want to do.

As you begin to make some of these changes and shifts, your friends and family may not like it. They may think you are going overboard. They may try to discourage you.

You have to gain awareness of feedback and discouragement. We all need feedback, but it must originate from the right source. Be selective in your sources.

When I think about sources, I think about water.

If I was selecting water to drink, I'm going to be selecting the best bottled water available. I will not be selecting dirty, unfiltered water.

If I want the best water in my life, I must drink from the right source. Think about those sources in your life.

The Bible is very clear about the power of our words. They are life and death. So, choose life.

Choose the right water from the right source. By doing this, you will amplify your obsession and assignment.

Become aware of the relationships that cheer you on. We talked about the voices trying to tear you down, you also need to source voices that build you up.

Sometimes in life, we tend to devalue the voices that build us up. I used to do this with my mom and dad. When they would give me encouragement, I discounted it because it was my mom and dad.

You know what, that was wrong.

Why would I discount any encouragement? I needed all of the courage I could get.

Other times, I would discount the courage my wife would give me. I would think to myself, "well, she's my wife so she has to say that."

Actually, she doesn't have to say that. She was giving me incredible courage and I was allowing the enemy and my limiting beliefs to squash it.

This was a huge mistake for me.

I quickly realized, that the more encouragement I willingly received, the more I continued to receive. I was flowing in courage and it was incredible.

When I welcomed courage from my family and my spouse, I began to receive courage from outside my circle. I began receiving courage from workmates, strangers, and neighbors.

The courage I was receiving was contagious. It was spreading and it kept coming back. I loved it.

The more you qualify and accept courage from others, the more courage you receive.

As you become obsessed with your assignment, life becomes so clear.

Everything you do has a purpose. Your calendar has a purpose. Every meeting has a purpose. Every moment has a purpose.

Your purpose and passion begin to walk side by side. Your energy levels soar. Your time with God explodes. You begin to see where you want to go and why.

You begin to get out of your comfort zone and do things you never imagined. You begin to pinch yourself and say, "I can't believe I just did that!"

This is what your assignment does to you.

The dream inside is awakened to live on the outside. Your spouse sees it. Your kids see it. Your neighbors feel it. Your friends want it.

You become obsessed, and people want what you have. That's when you show them the true source. That's when Jesus gets the glory.

Discovering your obsession is one of the signs of your assignment.

Let me know what resonated with you?

Feel free to email me: or reach out on Instagram: HTTP://

If any of this resonated with you and you feel ready to take major action steps in your life, maybe it's time to work together. Check out this link, and let me know.

Rooting for you.

Praying with you

❤️ - Coach Anthony Thompson

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