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Your assignment is so important that it may take a tragic experience to wake you up to it.

Sounds crazy, but let me remind you about Jonah.

In Jonah 1:2-4, Jonah was asked to go to Nineveh and alert the people of Ninevah of their wickedness before God. Jonah refused. Instead, he went the opposite way to Tarshish.

Jonah bought a ticket for a boat ride to Tarshish. Shortly after the trip began, a crazy storm came upon the boat. It was so bad, that Jonah knew his disobedience was the cause.

Jonah jumped overboard and was then eaten by a fish. It took him to endure three days inside a fish at sea for him to finally obey.

His assignment was necessary even though he didn't think it was. It took a tragic situation to wake up Jonah to his assignment.

What about you? Can you remember any moments which brought you back into your assignment?

Bill Wilson was a stockbroker whose life was spiraling from the effects of alcohol. He tried many times to quit drinking, but could not break free.

Finally, with the right mix of effort, spiritual guidance, and help from others, Bill discovered a solution that not only worked for him but worked for others.

Bill W and Dr. Bob founded AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). They both used their tragic circumstances of alcoholism to break free and help millions of others around the world.

That is what your assignment is all about. It's a tragedy to triumph story. Can you remember any tragic moments in your life?

Could any of those moments bring you closer to your assignment?

If you were to take inventory of these tragic moments, were any misplaced? Meaning, maybe at the time you felt as if they were total setbacks when they could be setups into your assignment?

Here are six reminders about the pain that can help you pursue your assignment.

  • Pain forces you to look into God's Word

  • Pain forces you to trust in God, not in man.

  • Pain forces you to learn. What can you do differently?

  • Pain forces you to long for the Creator in everything you do.

  • Pain forces you to listen to your inner voice as well as the voice of God.

  • Pain forces you to be grateful for what you do have.

Pain and tragedy are significant links to your assignment. I like to think of them as giant LED signs in Las Vegas or Times Square.

They point and speak to you so loud, that you cannot ignore them. Your assignment is attached to them.

Let me know what resonated with you the most?

I’m rooting for you.

❤️ Coach Anthony Thompson

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