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What angers you? What gets your blood boiling?

Have you ever thought about these feelings in a positive way? What if anger, frustration, and hatred are signs of something you are assigned to correct?

In fact, an article from Psychology Today confirms that anger is a gift. (Search "anger is a gift" by Psychology Today on google).

When your anger is matched to your assignment, you will witness a powerful force. Think about how your anger can be used to form solutions. Below are three thoughts to consider when anger comes knocking at your door.

  • If you can't confront it, you can't correct it.

  • The longer you permit something, the larger it grows.

  • What you allow, you will not change.

The story of David and Goliath was one that began with anger. Goliath was angry and aggressive toward the Israelites.

Goliath wanted a fight. The Philistines wanted their land. Goliath shouted insults at the Israelites for days.

Then, David showed up. Once he heard the insults from Goliath, he became angry. His anger to defend his God was too much for him to allow any longer.

David would not permit Goliath to speak insults. David decided Goliath must be confronted. If no one else would stand up, he would.

David confronted Goliath, killed Goliath, and chopped his head off. His anger and assignment were linked. Shortly after, he became King of Israel.

In more recent times, Mahatma Gandhi used his anger for positive change. However, when Gandhi was young, his anger was used for bad. He stole things, got into fights, and allowed his anger to grow into negativity.

Once he became aware of what he was doing, he began to change. Just as clay is gently molded, Gandhi molded his anger into a positive force.

Instead of using anger for bad when he experienced racial inequality and discrimination, he began using it for good. He channeled his anger into creating change for good.

His assignment began to link with his anger. India would become liberated through this ability to use anger for good.

What about you? What is your mind thinking about when it comes to what angers you?

Do you see anything that angers you which could be linked to your assignment?

Your anger is powerful. It's a sign. It's a guide to your assignment. Instead of looking at anger negatively, what if you saw it positively?

What if your anger could help change the world?

Let me know which part of this hits in your own life?

Anger is a sign you must recognize as you discover your assignment.

Let me know what resonates with you the most?

Rooting for you

❤️ - Coach Anthony Thompson

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