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What you love you go after. It becomes your mission.

Think about when you first fell in love with a sport, a guy or girl, a new hobby, or your first spiritual encounter.

Your focus shifted. Your time, talent, and treasure were sucked into this new vortex of love. It consumes.

It's like when that friend who you hang out with all the time suddenly finds a girlfriend or boyfriend. You are so excited for them, but you also never hear from them anymore.

You no longer receive instant replies to texts you send. Your daily jokes and chats dwindle. They found love and it's the most important thing in their world.

Discovering what you love is a critical component of your assignment. If love is the map to wisdom, then wisdom is the product of love.

When you seek and search to understand the things you truly love, wisdom is unlocked and so much more. It's as if you were once blind but now you see.

Michael Jordan loved the game of basketball. His love for the game caused him to work hard, focus, set goals and drove him to become the greatest player of his era. Because I'm from Chicago, I'd say, "the greatest ever," but you get the point.

Mother Theresa had a love for people. She searched for that love and it became her assignment. Serving and helping people in India became her passion. It was her essence. It was her everything.

The story of Focus on the Family is a story of love. James Dobson founded Focus on the Family out of his love for his wife and family. He stopped traveling and speaking so he could help at home.

His love, passion, and desire to see his kids live their best life drove him to create an organization focused on helping families.

His assignment clarified as he followed his love.

What do you really love?

Do you love hanging out with people? Do you love serving others? Do you love being generous? Do you love creating products? Do you love inspiring people?

Start asking yourself questions about what you love and why you love it? Get deep into the well of your soul. As you do, you will gain more and more clarity.

One of the questions I throw around with clients is this idea, "what would you be doing if you had $150 million in the bank?"

What would bring you joy if money was no longer necessary or needed? What would your day look like? What would get you excited to wake up?

I know your first thoughts would be to wake up on the beach of the Maldives. I get it. But after you've done that for a few years, what would give your life satisfaction? What would make your heart sing?

Sameness creates comfort, difference creates reward.

The odds of you being born on this planet is 1 in 400 trillion. The odds alone are utterly astounding. The odds explode higher if you were born in a first-world country like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia.

You know you are different. You know you have talent, but what is holding you back?

Think about what is holding you back? Think about why you are being held back? Are you holding yourself back? Are you allowing others to hold you back?

What is on the other side of the fear you are facing? Could it be your assignment? Could it be what truly makes your heart sing?

I love this verse from Psalms 23 which says, 'Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no danger because you are with me. Your rod and your staff— they protect me.' Psalms 23:4

What you love is directly linked to your assignment. God knows what you love. Now it's your turn to dig deep, explore and uncover the assignment for you.

As you do, your heart will explode. Your excitement for life will erupt and the clarity you seek will manifest.

I'm so excited for you and your assignment. I'm excited because you are the solution to someone's problem.

You are necessary to this world. You are the solution for a company, a business, a person, or a thing.

Keep seeking and searching for things you love.

I love what Proverbs says about this: 'Wisdom is supreme — so get wisdom. And whatever else you get, get understanding. ' Proverbs 4:7

Discovering what you love is one of the signs of finding your assignment.

Let me know what resonates the most with you?

I'm rooting for you.

❤️ - Coach Anthony Thompson

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