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5 Reasons Why Leaders Are Afraid to Get Coaching

"For some reason, I can't seem to get any breakthrough in my leadership skills. I feel stuck, and nothing seems to be working."

Does this sound familiar?

It's a sentiment shared by many successful and educated executives like yourself. But, in my years of experience, I've learned that nothing is ever as it seems.

When the infamous Titanic ship sank, what looked like a small bit of ice above the surface was actually a massive blade of ice below shredding the ship apart.

Similarly, when it comes to our professional growth, it's essential to dig deeper and uncover hidden obstacles.

As a coach to high-level leaders, and founders I've encountered many who resist hiring a coach for various reasons. I want to share with you their concerns, and fears so you don’t feel alone.

Here are five common reasons, and why they might not be as daunting as they seem:

  1. Expense: The investment in coaching may seem costly, but the long-term benefits of enhancing your skills and decision-making abilities will prove invaluable to you, your business, and your family’s success.

  2. Time Constraints: While coaching takes time, the insights gained can streamline decision-making and enhance productivity, ultimately saving you time in the long run.

  3. Perceived Weakness: Seeking guidance from a coach shows your dedication to personal growth and a desire to excel, which are qualities of great leaders.

  4. Skepticism About Value: Coaching has been proven to improve leadership effectiveness, communication, decision-making, and overall performance, driving meaningful growth and success.

  5. Confidentiality Concerns: Professional coaches adhere to strict ethical guidelines prioritizing confidentiality and trust, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Much like the order and structure found in the Bible, there is a sequence to our personal and professional growth.

By addressing the underlying reasons for feeling stuck, you can unlock new opportunities for success.

This is when I get to sit with clients and create new “renderings” of their life, business, and family renovations.

If any of this resonates with you, reach out. Your dreams are on the other side of your fears. It’s terrifying stuff, which is why most never dare to try.

I want to dare you, and challenge you.

If you want to go where you have never gone, you will need to do what you have never done.

Rooting for you. Praying with you. God bless,

Anthony Thompson

*I recently updated a working document for new and existing clients. If you are interested in coaching, or to learn more about my story and process, check out this document.

**If you are serious about getting through this season, and you want to talk about what that could look like, let me know. I have one opening for new clients who want to invest in their greatness.

***For business owners needing help, let me know. I’d love to learn more about what you are working on and your goals. This could look more like an advisor for you to increase revenue, time, influence, and peace.

Plus, whenever you are ready - here are 5 more ways you can grow in spirit, soul, mind, and body.

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