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3 More ways to eliminate a scarcity mindset and live in abundance.

If you missed the first three scarcity mindset tips, here they are:

  1. Focus on abundance.

  2. Flip the script

  3. Hire a pro

Living a life in a state of lack is debilitating. It is crippling, and it will keep you stuck. I know because that's what I have done for most of my life. I was making the most money I had ever made and was living in a state of survival and not enough. I looked at myself and said, "how is this possible?" I was absolutely terrified to try new things. I was afraid to lose my job. I was afraid to spend any money, even though we had hundreds of thousands in the bank. I was attached to the fact of "what I had was who I was." I was living in a complete EGO state. Simply put, I was EDGING GOD OUT = EGO. Let me share with you three more tips which helped to break the back of scarcity. I know if I can do it, you can do it too. #4 is upgrade your financial literacy. Make sure you know your current financial state. How much cash is coming in. How much cash is going out. Learn and create systems as if you were a business. Get out of debt as fast as possible. I recently shared with a client the need for them to get out of debt. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University is a great way to start that. My wife and I went through it together when we first were married and we were in 5-figure debt. We crushed the debt and started stacking money. Start with the basics. Humble yourself and make money work for you. #5 is to celebrate others. When you have a scarcity mindset, envy is prevalent. I can remember scrolling through social media and feeling so jealous of so many people I follow who had nicer vacations, cars, and lifestyles. It made me feel like a low-life. I felt ashamed. I felt frustrated. I was envious of their life, but unwilling to spend money on anything to UPGRADE mine. The moment I invested in a coach, and in myself, everything changed. I began to root for everyone. I started to see millions of opportunities around me. You won't be able to celebrate others until you first understand what is holding you back. This is where a coach, or coming alongside myself in my group coaching is such a big deal. Lastly, #6 is follow the trail. What do I mean by that? The only way to truly get past a scarcity mindset is to dig deep into where it orginates. You can treat the symptoms all you want, but until you get to the root, it will keep returning. The moment I realized my scarcity mindset was actually part of my childhood trauma, everything changed. I began to follow the trail of why scarcity was so prevalent. I watched myself behave when my bank account was low, or I had to spend large amounts of money. Why did I get triggered? What was holding me back? Let me ask you the question, where does your scarcity mindset originate? What triggers it? Where is it coming from? When you begin to do the work, you'll find the answer, and scarcity will be gone forever. I'm so confident in the work I produce, if you join and don't like it, take your money back. I simply want to push you to new levels. Reach out and let me know. I'll be waiting for your message. God bless. Coach Anthony Thompson

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