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I share one business or personal growth tip every week for founders and high-level leaders. Join 129K+ subscribers like you who want to grow. 

It's time to grow!


My name is Anthony Thompson 

Are you frustrated with your life or business? 

Does your marriage suck? 

Is your time management out of control? 

Do you lack accountability? 

Are you tired of B.S'ing your way through life? 

Have you hit a ceiling and don't know what to do? 

For more than 20 years I've connected and developed the lives of founders and high-level leaders. 

I love seeing people win. 

If you are serious, schedule some time below. 

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Our Services



You are running a million miles an hour and I'm here to ensure you are running the right way. We will explore what really matters and the steps and frameworks to get you there. It's not easy, and neither is my coaching style. 


Serial Entrepreneurs

It's time to sit down and carve out you and your business. Through the ABC coaching framework, you will increase time, revenue, influence, and peace. It's what you want but haven't been able to get your fingers on. 



It's time to level up at the office. Instead of investing in everything else, it's time to invest in yourself and the future you want to build for yourself and your family.  Get the money, time, influence, and peace you seek. 

Past Clients Work At: 


Aaron B, Google

"Anthony's coaching changed every perspective in my life. I was hesitant at first, and now everything is growing. Can't recommend him enough."

Jerry Lorenzo, Fear of God

"Anthony has been a friend for over 15 years. He has a unique mix of culture and the scriptures to help bring young and old to Christ. He’s been a blessing to me and I know he will be a blessing to you."

James Z, Growth Hacker

"I was so resistant to a coach. Now, I can't stop thinking through this new lens and framework. Anthony made it so simple to bring change and growth in all areas of my life."

A Blog for Growth

$71 Million Reasons Why

This is my why.

Thompson family of five

I connect and develop high-level leaders so that I can enjoy the fruits of my family. God has blessed me with three little ones. 

Every day I get to serve you, it's so that I can bless the family God has given to me. I'm always grateful. I'm always thankful. 

Can't wait to learn more about you. 

God bless. 

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Meditation Course

Join hundreds of others like you who are seeking to increase peace and decrease anxiety, or fear. Japa Meditation is my favorite type of meditation and I have aligned it with Biblical scriptures for maximized peace. 

Spiritual Accountability

Join 80+ men and women from around the world dedicated to increasing their spiritual accountability. Get accountable and grow your faith in God today. 

Email me :) 

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