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You have big dreams in your heart. 
You know there is more to your life. 
You feel stuck in your current job. 
You are frustrated about your life.
You want to make more money. 
You want peace in your life. 
You don't know where to start.
You are afraid to make the wrong move.
You are afraid to lose your stuff. 
You have gifts but not utilizing them.
This was also my story.  

Hi, I'm Anthony, and here to guide you through all those crazy fears so you can have peace living out your dreams. 

Head of Growth. Coach. Executives

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago is where Anthony Thompson’s life of resilience began. His mother gave birth at the age of 15 and continued her toxic behavior.  She would live 7 more years before she died of a drug overdose. Anthony’s biological father is still unknown to this day. 


Growing up with so many rejections and fears crippled Anthony for the majority of his life. As a result, Anthony buried his pain in drugs, sports, and status. 


While working with celebrities and Fortune 500 companies, Anthony received an invitation to work and travel with a renowned evangelist. Anthony accepted the offer and had an encounter with Jesus that changed his life. He later met and married the love of his life in Sydney, Australia. 


While in Australia, Anthony launched and grew a successful 6 figure social media agency. He also went on to serve alongside Hillsong and their executive team as Head of Growth.  


Most recently, Anthony’s personal access and observations of some of the greatest leaders in the world led him to focus his efforts on helping executives get healthy in spirit, soul, mind, and body. Having worked with executives from Meta, Salesforce, Google, Hillsong, and others, Anthony views these opportunities as God’s workmanship. 


Anthony, Chantelle, and their three children live in Scottsdale, Arizona where you can find them enjoying the incredible heat. 


Anthony has a passion to speak, write and inspire others to grow in spirit, soul, mind, and body. He believes God’s Word has everything you need to become the champion you were created to be. 


With over 20 years of experience growing people, profits, and products, Anthony has a robust understanding of both the non-profit and for-profit environments. 


Anthony currently serves as the Founder of Thompson Coaching and Consulting, where he has worked closely with executives from brands such as Meta, Google, Salesforce, Hillsong, and Churchome to carefully balance the external and internal growth of business and people. 


Anthony has an affinity for the growth of organizations, and a passion to challenge executives to build internal growth. Anthony’s first-hand experience with unhealthy executives and misguided growth caused him to discover a healthier way to grow. 


Anthony is passionate about helping organizations strategically grow. His Architect Coaching Program guides high-level executives to flourish in their spirit, soul, mind, and body. 


Anthony believes the best investment you can make is in you. He says this because of his belief and research that your body is valued at  $71 million dollars. 


Anthony is most passionate about: 

  • Coaching high-level executives to maximize output. 

  • Strategic marketing positioning. 

  • Development and distribution of content. 

  • Speaking, and writing. 


Steve, Executive Pastor

I wish I had this when I was in NYC. I was dying then. Having a person like Anthony who has been where he's been, who creates a safe space, but also challenges growth is life-changing.  Every church and executive would be better if they invested in this. - Steve

Robert, Chief Creative Officer

I was stuck and fearful. Here I was leading one of the largest churches in our country and I was afraid to fail. When I started working with Anthony, everything I imagined shifted. My life was changed. My philosophy changed and my impact was 10x what it was before. Having someone like Anthony will prevent your church from mistakes while also maximizing your own personal vision. . - Robert

Christy, 360 Impact

I needed clarity on certain aspects of my life, and Anthony gave me the awareness to move beyond what was blocking me. His empowering kindness gave me the confidence to be vulnerable and really dig deep into what I wanted and how to achieve it. I am so grateful for his expertise and his caring approach. Thank you SO much, Anthony! My time with you has been life-changing.



Look forward to connecting with you. Reach out and send me a note, I love hearing stories from people like you. I always tell people, "you're a champion," and I believe that. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. 

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